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Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison shopping website. It also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. Its headquarters are in Needham, Massachusetts.

Magda mentioned, "TripAdvisor constantly keeps changing their policy dealing with refunds due to COVID-19. I had to cancel our trip to Spain due to COVID-19. Deadline for the full payment was July 25th so I canceled on July 19th. No deposit refund ($500). If I had waited, let them charge me full amount and then canceled on 7-27 or later (this is when their policy changed), I would have gotten full refund including my deposit. But they don't tell you that..."


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"- no career development or mentorship. - no internal knowledge sharing. - disorganized - unprofessional - human resources is dismal, there is no one to turn to if you are facing issues or problems. - the "perks" ie free lunches, snacks, parties do not help to boost morale in a struggling industry - many people are granfathered into management positions that have no experience and should not be there. - employees wasting company resources are often giving other positions instead of being dealt with properly. - CEO is clueless as to how people live and only cares about the revenue figures. - There is no careerpath, people are supposed to be happy staying in entry level positions while they seem peers who are unqualified move up. - Managers are not taught to help employees but rather are just watching their own back and making sure their job is safe."

Senior Software Engineer says

"No cooperation, no knowledge sharing. Individualism and competition instead of collaboration."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Management!! The new GM is very difficult to say the least!! Many times it seems like he makes a quick decision without council of others only to create more work for people and then he blames others when something fails. Also the senior management team seems clueless most of the time. They are nice people (mostly) but don't seem like the most qualified, just the longest tenured."

Former Employee - Design says

"Confusing at best and not worth the aggravation for talent looking to grow in nurturing environment. There is extremely high turnover on the creative team. I would suggest that designers stay far, far away if they're interested in learning from their leaders. In addition, they wont treat you well. Prepare yourself for sleepless nights due to undefined and unclear expectations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"None of the new products (since 2005) are producing market moving revenue figures (the 2nd oldest product - BookingBuddy - is still the biggest producer and profitability is on the decline). The company should change it's name to Smarter Travel Commerce since it isn't much of a media company anymore (it used to make all it's money from industry marketers... now it collects directly from travel consumers)."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very disorganized leadership. HR department was subpar as well and ignored some serious issues because they were difficult."


"*Absolutely no mentoring or career development. There's little chance for internal promotion - managers are brought in from the parent company and are not always a good fit. Strong individual contributors end up leaving the company in order to move up. *Bad work/life balance. Workloads are heavy and the hiring process is slow, meaning multiple departments are understaffed. Flex schedules are only available to recent parents. *Low morale, some depts are worn down and paranoid about being laid off *Company culture has changed as the parent company has become more involved (and not for the better)"

Senior QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"You get free lunch twice a week. As a QA Engineer, you were working in an environment that allowed to to participate in the building of multiple high quality products."

Recruiting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Some fun people Manager was not wanting to manage Did not give guidance Was appreciative Nice Training/onboarding was very disorganized, no training at allfree lunchesmanagement style"

Dan Leary says

"Absolutely horrendous!! My trip to Ireland canceled. Lufthansa canceled my flight home, United was good and allowed me to cancel the flight to Ireland, but I would have the deal with justairticket for the credit. I was ok with using the credit for flights to Providence for Thanksgiving for me and my mom. I have now been corresponding with Kane Thomas since 7/20 and still not resolved. When I call in I was told I have to work with Kane Thomas on this, but Kane Thomas told me call in to reservation team. Total cluster!!!!"


"They stole my money . Kane Thomas said they won’t refund me because air Canada won’t give them my money . So that’s mean Air canada stills people money . Some crazy . Neil is rude. The Kane guy said they can’t refund and they will reschedule my trip but air Canada has to approve ???Scam scam scam scam . DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKET FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY , I will keep posting bad review until they give me my money"

Estrella James says

"pathetic service - Booking Ref : 01116414 - ASBF12, I checked with the airline these people never requested my refund and since justairticket is original booking agency refund needs to process through them. we made several calls but their agent Neil is rude and not helpful. will never recommend this company and will complaint BBB also."

Alen B says

"Horrible experience dealing with Neil over refunds for canceled ticked by lufthansa airlines. They canceled the flight and he is trying to tell me there is $170 per ticket they will not refund (which is a complete lie) for taxes. It should be a full refund. After telling him I will call the airlines myself to see if this is true about the no tax refund, he told me next time I call he will not even offer any refund. It is policy that a full refund is offered and Justairticket is trying to scam you to keep part of the money falsely lying to long time customers to keep part of your refund. Neil you are a horrible agent."

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